Facebook owned popular instant messaging application WhatsApp To delete all user data. Which means all your chat data, photo and videos will be removed later this year as part of the new agreement between Google and WhatsApp.
It’s a new change as a part of a new update which changes the way the WhatsApp backup content work. As a part of the new agreement between Google and WhatsApp all your cheats, pictures, videos and audio files will be backed up without costing you Google Drive space.
Currently WhatsApp use google drive by default that allow storage up to 15GB to be backup all your chat data, including photo and videos.
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WhatsApp user can restore the data whenever they require which is eating the google drive storage space. But as per the new agreement between WhatsApp and Google, they will no longer check your backup against the google drive storage quote. So currently there is a limit of 15 GB, but from now on there will be no limits for uploading the our WhatsApp back up on Google Drive.
With this happy news the bad news will be a new policy of backup will force WhatsApp to delete all your existing chats, picture and videos. Also, messages, photos, videos, documents and even GIFs that your backup will not be protected by WhatsApp End-To-End encryption on google drive.
WhatsAPP and Google, new agreement will come into effect from November 12, 2018 and this is only applicable for android users as iPhone users backup their data on the cloud.
Google has suggested to the WhatsApp user to backup their data manually before the new agreement comes into effect and avoid loss of any backup data.

How To Manually Backup Before WhatsApp To Delete Data ?

  • First make sure you have google drive enabled on your android smartphone.
  • Open WhatsApp application and go to the Menu option and then click on Settings.

  • Now click on Chats and then click on Chat backup.

  • Finally select Backup and you will be able to find all your data getting backed up to google drive.

Make sure you’re connected over a Wi-Fi connection before you get started.


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