Whatsapp Tricks

Whatsapp is the most celebrated versatile messaging application till date. Yet, do you know some tricks of whatsapp which can take you to the next level. Here in this article, I am featuring Top 5 WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know About.

1.Pin Your Chats

In a recent update, WhatsApp added a new function to pin the chats.There are times when you need your most essential chats on the the top of your chat list.Looking down through scores of messages to find that chat can be difficult.

To pin a contact to the top of the chat list, you need to long press on the chat from that individual and then tap on the ‘pin icon’ that appears right next to delete, mute and archive icons on the top of the page.

The pinned thread will not change its position if a new message is sent or received over it. To unpin a thread, long press on the respective chat and tap the ‘Unpin’ button.

The new pinned message feature allows you to prioritize up to three contacts as of now  and groups to the top of your list of WhatsApp  conversations.

2. Create GIFs

WhatsApp has introduced one of the most desirable features to the messaging app – GIFs. WhatsApp itself. In addition to the ability to search and send GIFs from Giphy or Tenor, you can now make your own GIFs in WhatsApp by converting them from video. Any video that’s six seconds or shorter can be converted into a GIF within. However, we should note that we can only create GIFS using videos that are saved on our smartphones.

Here is how to create GIF’s

  1. Open the WhatsApp chat of the contact to whom you would like to send the GIF.
  2. Tap the attachment icon (the paperclip).
  3. Select Gallery.
  4. Select the video that you want to convert into a GIF.
  5. Edit the video as you like with a length not more than 6 seconds.
  6. In the video editor that appears, tap the camcorder icon on the top right. You should see GIF appear in its place.
  7. Take the slider towards GIF and add the optional message and click send.

You are Done !!!

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3.Editing Images

WhatsApp allows you to personalize your photos and videos by adding emoji, text or freehanded drawings..

Adding an Emoji

When you add an emoji to a photo or video, you can rotate, resize and move the emoji.

Choose the Emoji button in the top right once you select an image to send.>Tap to select an emoji.We can drag it to any part of the screen or resize it by pinch in or out and even rotate it

Adding Text

When you add text to a photo or video, you can change the size, font type, rotation and color of the text you add.

To add text:

Choose the “T” button in the top right to add a text > Type in the desired text. To select a color, slide your finger up and down the color selector on the right.

To select a font type, slide your finger from the color selector on the right to the left. And release  your finger when you finalize on a font type. Same way we can even resize and rotate the text.

Freehand Drawing

Choose the Pencil button in the top right corner > Select a color from the slider on the right. You can select the color for each line that you draw.

4.Format Text

WhatsApp  now allows its users to add bold, italic and strikethrough formatting to your text We can format the text in our messages quite easily by using a simple trick.

  • Bold text : By surrounding it with the * (star/asterisk) symbol.
    Example: *Here you go *
  • Italic text: By surrounding it with the _ (underline/underscore) symbol.
    Example: “_ Hi _”
  • Strikethrough text : By surrounding it with the ~ (tilde) symbol.
    Example: “~How are you.”

5.Chat In Different Languages

WhatsApp now supports a number of Indian regional languages apart from English.

To type in a different language, open WhatsApp  > Go to Settings > Click on Chats > Select App Language. You can now pick the language you like to type in.

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