WhatsApp Web to Get Facebook Messenger Rooms Shortcut

Instant messaging application WhatsApp has released its WhatsApp Web-app version 2.2019.6. The messaging service reportedly brings a shortcut to WhatsApp Site for Messenger Rooms and is working on the functionality in this update.

WhatsApp Web currently does not allow video calling, even though the video calling feature has long been available in the mobile app. Any user wishing to make video calls using the WhatsApp Platform requires software from third parties which may not be fully secure.

A website that monitors the new WhatsApp updates has reported the feature is now available for selecting WhatsApp Web users, as per the article. However, the interface is still inaccessible as Facebook is operating with the instant messaging program on it.

If the functionality is rolled out, it will allow users to connect from their PCs and laptops to their friends and family via Messenger Rooms. The shortcut will appear with other options under the Attach button.

Facebook announced Messenger Rooms last month which allows group video calls of up to 50 people without any time limit. People can build a room right from Messenger, or Facebook, and even if they don’t have a Facebook account, invite someone to join the video call.

The report further noted that such shortcuts are not currently available. Currently, developers have worked to make the app more stable before rolling it out to users.

There’s no assurance as to when the integration ‘s commercial release will happen, but it may take a while because Messenger Rooms have not yet launched globally.

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