WhatsApp Web Reportedly Starts Receiving Grouped Stickers Feature

WhatsApp stickers are a big deal for most application users these days and WhatsApp keeps refining the feature to make it more pleasant.

Android and iOS apps from WhatsApp stack two stickers in a single line if they are sent in rapid succession. Stacking two stickers’ saves on-screen space, and it is nonetheless a nice addition, even though it is not technically very useful.

Note that the feature only works when you successively send two stickers. Facebook owned instant messaging application will group two stickers together if you send more than two and then put the third one in a separate line in succession.

It helps on small-screen devices, and WhatsApp has apparently been working on this feature since August, and has finally started rolling out grouped stickers to users through the stable channel for the Web client of the messaging app.

Users will have to close and then restart the window where a WhatsApp web session is active to enable the sticker stacking feature. It appears, however, that the grouped stickers feature is being phased out and will reach users over the next few weeks.

According to the report, WhatsApp’s web client stickers, but couldn’t see group stacking in action, but couldn’t see two stickers stacked together in a single line as they appear in the mobile app from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is currently working on a feature that allows multiple devices to access the WhatsApp account. It is said to work in the same way as Notifications Registration on the iOS app where WhatsApp will allow a user to access the account and chat from any device while at the same time locking the account on other devices.

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