According to the report, WhatsApp has begun taking off Picture-in-Picture mode for its web version. It appears Whatsapp continues consolidating captivating features to its platform, making it all the more captivating and helpful for clients.

With the Picture-in-Picture include clients can watch a shared video while chatting with their contacts.

Which implies WhatsApp clients can observe any YouTube or Instagram recordings without shutting the equivalent application as they won’t be diverted to any outside pages from the chat window.

WhatsApp clients with the version 0.3.1846 can begin utilizing the feature. You can check the version of your application by going to Settings > Help.

The PiP Mode for WhatsApp Web as of now just works with shared videos only. In contrast to Android and iPhone, it doesn’t support Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube videos.

Be that as it may, we can expect WhatsApp to help PiP Mode for these platforms soon.

To watch a video in PiP Mode on WhatsApp Web, you should simply tap on the PiP Mode symbol that will show up in the upper left corner of the video’s thumbnail.

Once, you tap on that symbol, the video will begin playing naturally in PiP Mode and you will have the capacity to move the coasting window around on the screen.

Likewise, according to the report, the Facebook-owned messaging platform has begun taking off Picture-in-Picture mode to all Android smartphones running the most recent version.

The new element empowers clients to watch videos in a floating window while utilizing the application’s other chat includes all the while. It had just been a piece of iOS since early this year.

WhatsApp likewise strives to acquaint Dark Mode with its chat platform. This element should help decrease smartphone’s battery life issue to some degree, further enhancing the experience, particularly the ones with an OLED board.

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