Xnspy is an iOS spying app that lets you manage your child or employees phone activity including their web browsing history, social media, calls, and even locations. After the release of the iOS 12 and its subsequent releases, Xnspy has also released its new version for the latest iOS. Today, we will review how good this new version is and how beats all other spy apps.

Read on to find out.


We are starting off with device compatibility because that’s the real concern when it comes to choosing an iOS spying app. The reason is that all the apps,prior to iOS 9’sroll out, required the phone to be jailbroken before they could be installed. That not only cost additional bucks but also affected their performance.

Not having a newer version of your spy app in time is not the only issue; the other problem is the messed up app updates that just suck. Some apps are simply not at par with the latest changes in the iOS.

Xnspy’s compatibility is its biggest feat and with its latest iOS 12.1 update, you can use it on the latest iPhone Xs Max or its similar versions. Besides, it also supports the previous versions of iOS.


The best spying apps for iPhone don’t need jailbreakingan iPhone anymore; same goes for Xnspy.

With the new method, you enable the iCloud backup on the phone you want to monitor. Once that’s done, you log in to your Xnspy account and pair that iCloud with your Xnspy account. Once this is also done, you’ll start receiving data after 24-48 hours. Sometimes, it can take more or less time than that, depending on how frequently the iCloud is set to backup data on a phone.


Xnspy iOS spying app has recently made some design changes to its interface. Some simple changes have been made to the dashboard’scolor scheme and few more features have been added. This new and clean interface focuses on easier navigation and delivering a more vibrant look. The feature bar has been aligned on the left side of the screen (see below) and given a charcoal black color so that the user can easily identify it from the rest of the screen.

Figure 1: Main Dashboard showing all the features

The main screen features the basic information about the account of the user, including the package type, subscription expiration date, and the user key. Shortcuts to the major links like settings and reports have been placed next to the account information so that you can get all the important information with minimal clicks. Interestingly, the dashboard also shows information about the monitored iPhone on your dashboard screen. You can see the battery percentage, location information, and even the status of the phone and whether it’s turned on or not.

This dashboard has everything just one click away. It is compact and more interactive than the previous versions.

How much does it cost?

If you look at the best spying apps for iPhone, you won’t find them to be easy on the pocket. It is true that you are paying for the features but there has to be some rationality to the prices attached to the packages. Some of the apps in the market have their packages hitting as high as $300 for full feature package. But how about having all those premium features at half the price? One of the attractive selling points of Xnspy is its price. The packages are simple and pricing flexible.

Xnspy offers only two packages which are different based on the features that come with them. The first package comes with all the standard features that are good for beginners looking for a primitive level of monitoring. That’s why this package is called the Basic package. In this package, you can get features like access to contacts, call logs, messages etc.

On the other hand, the Premium package has all the best features that Xnspy has to offer. You will get the ambient recorder, remote control, watch list alerts and many other features in this package with a slightly higher price than the basic package. Why Xnspy is affordable because it offers these package for monthly, quarterly, and yearly durations. The longer the duration you choose, the more you can save. In fact, the annual premium package can be subscribed for as low as $12.49 per month!

Right now, they are offering FLAT 40% OFF on all of their packages as part of Christmas promotions. You can save big if you subscribe now to any of their packages. Below is the regular pricing chart showing details of each package.

Packages Basic Premium
Yearly $99.99  ($8.33/month) $149.99 ($12.49/month)
Quarterly $69.99 ($23.33/month) $99.99 ($33.33/month)
Monthly $49.99 per month $59.99 per month

Main features

You would get many features with the premium version of Xnspy. Here are a few important features:

Surround record: You can now listen to the surroundings of an iPhone without getting anywhere near it. That is due to the surround record option offered by the Xnspy iOS spying app. This feature can remotely listen to the surroundings of a phone by accessing its microphone. To do so, you can give a command through your online account and it will start recording. The recordings are 30 mins long. For any further recording, you have to give another command. These recordings are then uploaded to your account where you can listen to them.

Figure 2: A list of surround recordings in Xnspy account

Remote control: Another one of the Xnspy’s premium features is remote control capabilities. They allow any user to remotely make changes to the phone without physical access to it. Besides remotely recording the surroundings of the phone, the user can remotely wipe all the data on the monitored iPhone. This feature is especially helpful for those who have lost their device or someone stole their phone. As our phones have all of our information on them, losing them could be disastrous for someone. Xnspy can help and delete the data on the phone remotely.

Figure 3: Remote control options in Xnspy account

Similarly, parents are often concerned by the time spent by their children on the phones. Even after setting screen time limits, the kids do not comply with the rules. Xnspy makes those parents capable of remotely locking their devices without snatching the phones from them. You can go to your account and set a lock code for the monitored iPhone. Children would only be able to unlock the device if they know the passcode.

Watchlist alerts:With more than 30 features in your Xnspy account, it is difficult to go through all the information on the monitored iPhone and if you are busy, then it becomes a lot more difficult. Xnspy makes it easy for its users to get the information what they want through its watchlist feature. Any Xnspy premium user can make separate watch lists and add certain words, emails, contacts, and even locations to them. When a piece of information is entered in the watch list, the app keeps monitoring it 24/7 and whenever the watch listed information is exchanged on the phone, it sends you an alert. So you always stay informed about the important changes on the phone.

Monitor social media: How would an app be the best if it does not cover the most used apps on a smartphone? Social media messengers are the apps that we mostly use on our phones. More than the traditional phone call and SMS, people use messengers to stay in touch, make calls and share stuff online. Xnspy has this ability to monitor not only one but multiple social media messengers at the same time. It gives you information about the individual and even group chats on the monitored phone. You can see the contact information, time, and date of the conversations. Similarly, it also gives you information about the calls on these messengers. It does not record these calls but you get the incoming and outgoing calls information. The messengers monitored by Xnspy include WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, Kik etc.

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There are many good things about Xnspy but the most important reason to use Xnspy is its compatibility with the iOS 12.1. The second reason to buy Xnspy is its interface and excellent dashboard. And finally, it is quite affordable when compared to the other apps.


There are a couple of shortcomings well. The first one is that there is no trial period of Xnspy. Though they have a demo version on their site for new users. The second one is that the limit to the surround record feature. It would be better if they increase the recording limit.

Final wordsXnspy iOS spying app does a fine job to keep track of your loved ones. You are not only virtually in control of the device but also know the location of the monitored person. With its flawless compatibility and affordable price, Xnspy is an app not to miss.