Wi-Fi Symbol

Innovation is consistently advancing, bringing some new gadget or procedure promising to make our lives simpler. Some credit or debit cards alongside the new chip it additionally shows an image that is recognizable to more cutting-edge clients the Wi-Fi symbol turned on its side.

The symbol doesn’t imply that your credit or debit card can interface with the Internet or download YouTube videos.

In this way, if you have this Wi-Fi symbol on your card, it just implies that your credit or platinum card has the contactless feature and can be tapped to pay.

Visa claims a contactless card works when it is inside 4cm of the PoS and that the contactless payment terminal can just process one exchange at any given moment.

Each credit or debit card has an attractive stripe that contains information, for example, your card number and the termination date just as codes that approve your credit or debit as genuine.

“Contactless payments use short-range wireless technology to make secure payments between a contactless card or payment-enabled device and a contactless-enabled checkout terminal. When you tap your card on a PoS machine with contactless symbol, your payment is sent for authorisation.” Mentioned in the Visa’s official website.

In card that have the Wi-Fi symbol includes a little radio-frequency recognizable proof chip and antenna, normally covered up inside the card’s plastic.

When you wave the card before a reader that is perfect, the reader sends a signal that awakens the RFID chip your card. Your credit or debit card at that point remotely gives the reader the data that it needs to process the transaction.

How Wi-Fi Symbol works?

No PIN or signature required for transactions upto INR. 2,000

  • First look for the for the contactless symbol on your Visa card.
  • Tap your card near the card machine and Go when it beeps or green light blinks.

Even though Visa affirm that contactless Visa cards are as secure as some other Visa chip card.

They convey the equivalent various layers of security, which guarantees that you are protected from false or unapproved transactions.

Be that as it may, we should be cautious as we innovation is creating a step by step so we can’t guarantee these progressions are useful for the consumer or not.

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