Again! Windows 10 KB4532693 & KB4524244 Updates Causing Trouble

Microsoft has been making changes to improve overall Windows 10 upgrade experience after the update process recently hit a number of snags, but it looks like the fight with Microsoft is not over yet.

Windows 10 is again experiencing serious problems due to a recent batch of updates – this time the alarming updates are KB4532693 and KB4524244, launched on ‘ Patch Tuesday ‘ on February 11.

A bug in the KB4532693 update is hiding user profiles on some Windows 10 systems, and their respective data, according to reports. Users report they will no longer be able to view or access their original Windows 10 profile after downloading the update.

This odd problem arises as stated by Microsoft, as Windows 10 is booting with a temporary user profile that eliminates shortcuts and icons from the screen and Start menu.

Fortunately, if you install the patch the shortcuts and the files will not be deleted. This release appears to have a bug that renames the user profile in the C:\Users folder, and can be restored by editing the cells in the Windows registry.

How To Fix Windows 10 KB4532693 & KB4524244 Update Issues?

  • We would advise the readers to reboot their PCs at least 3 to 4 times before trying out any of the fixes.

If it didn’t work out restarting your PC then uninstalling these buggy updates is the best way to resolve this issue.

  • Such simple steps can be taken to uninstall the updates:
    • First open Settings and click on Update & Security.
    • Next on the Windows Update page, click on View update history and click Uninstall updates.
    • Then choose the recent updates (KB4532693 / KB4524244) that you want to uninstall and click the Uninstall button.
    • Click Yes when prompted and restart your device and your desktop icons should be back.

Microsoft recently disabled KB4524244 Security Update, because it created a problem on a PC subset. The change contributed to the failure of Push Button Reset.

This new issue seems more serious, as it could result in a large number of people’s files being deleted. But as a workaround users can follow the above steps.

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