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Microsoft has begun testing a noteworthy new element for the Windows Subsystem for Linux in the most recent forms of Windows 10.

The new highlights to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in version 1903 is that you have the alternative of empowering a Windows Subsystem for Linux, installing a Linux distribution, for example, Ubuntu, and afterward running Linux commands in a Bash shell.

“In the past, creating and changing Linux files from Windows resulted in losing files or corrupting data. Making this possible has been a highly requested and long anticipated feature. We’re proud to announce you can now easily access all the files in your Linux distros from Windows.” Said Craig Loewen Microsoft program manager

Already one couldn’t launch Windows applications from a Linux terminal. Be that as it may, with the new update in Windows 10 clients will have the choice to get to every one of the files in your Linux distros from Windows.

You should simply start up a Bash shell, explore to the directory you need to view, and afterward type “explorer.exe” (without the statements) to open that directory in Explorer.

At that point you can drag and drop files between Windows and Linux, open documents in a text editor, copy and paste, or make other changes.You can type following path into an Explorer window to access a Linux distribution’s files:


In other words, if you’re running Ubuntu’s Bash shell, you’d type:


This likewise works from the command line, obviously. In PowerShell or the Command Prompt, the order cd \\wsl$\Debian\ changes to the root directory of your installed Debian framework.

The Windows Subsystem for Linux enables Windows 10 to run different GNU/Linux distros inside Windows as Microsoft Store applications, giving access to Ubuntu, openSUSE, Debian, Fedora, Kali Linux, and others.

They are additionally enhancing the wsl.exe command line with the 1903 Windows launch, including support for new commands, including ‘— export’ to trade a WSL distro as a tar file, and ‘— import’ to import a WSL distro put away in a tar file.

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