Windows Template Studio

Microsoft launched Windows Template Studio version 3.0 today, its first real update since form 2.0 was launched back in April 2018.

The platform was made back in May 2017 as a kind of replacement for the Windows App Studio, and the group has been quickly included highlights from that point onward.

Windows Windows Template Studio, an open-source project, makes it less demanding for developers to build undeniable UWP (Universal Windows Platform) applications without writing a line of code.

The new launch brings bolster formulti-project solutions, Pivot navigation pattern, and some bug fixes. Here’s the changelog of what’s incorporated into this version:

  • Code now generates as a multi-project solution. This will enable better reuse and separation of code logic. This now will output a UWP project and .NET Core project.
  • Support adding new projects on right click
  • Horizontal Navigation View is replaced the Pivot navigation pattern.
  • Update MVVMLight to use .NET Standard library
  • Bug fixes

There are also updates for the dev platform:

  • AdaptiveCards to v1.1.2
  • AppCenter.Analytics to v 1.12.0
  • AppCenter.Crashes to v 1.12.0
  •  to v10.1810.16002
  •  to v2.0.181018003.1
  • Json to v12.0.1
  •  to v1.0.1.3

There are some realized known issues generally will know about. You may keep running into a few issues in case you’re utilizing this with Visual Studio 2019, as a help for multi-project will demonstrate a NuGet reference failure. Additionally, Feedback Hub has been evacuated for the time being.

Microsoft also said what it has coming in future releases. Version 3.1 future builds will include:

  • Menubar navigation pattern template (ETA is v3.1)
  • Identity Login (ETA is v3.1)
  • Improved Visual Studio 2019 support
  • Azure features starting to be added in (v3.1 and beyond)
  • Unit Test projects

There are two paths to update to the newest build.

  • Already Installed: Visual Studio should auto update the extension. To constrain a update, Go to Tools->Extensions and Updates. At that point go to Update expander on the left and you should see Windows Template Studio in there and click Update.
  • Not installed: Make a beeline for, click download and double tap the VSIX installer.

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