This eBook will focus on the benefits of advanced wireless penetration testing and the skills needed to get started with it.

Wireless networks enable users to access a local network or even the Internet without a cable. Sounds great right? So what is the problem?

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Benefits – wireless penetration Testing

The following are the benefits of wireless penetration testing:
• Avoiding compromised corporate data: Security breaches are expensive and can cost an organization millions of dollars due to viruses, worms,Trojan horses, and illegal activities.

• Evaluating vulnerabilities: Wireless testing can provide information on exploitable threats by enabling you to perform an audit.You can identify the most critical threats for an organization and prevent attacks before they actually happen.

• Setting regulations and policies: Wireless penetration testing helpsorganizations address security threats by settings rules or policies to protect their employees.

The best benefit of penetration testing is security awareness. It is very important to understand how hackers break into these networks and what they can do once they do have access.


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