Qualcomm Launches World’s Largest Fingerprint Sensor for Smartphones

Qualcomm was the first company to launch an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner called the 3D Sonic Sensor last year.

The 3D Sonic system uses ultrasound waves to obtain the surface texture of your fingerprints. This scanner has the ability to use with wet fingers and also provides better security over optical sensors.The same is embedded in Samsung Galaxy S10 device.

Qualcomm unveiled today the Sonic Max 3D fingerprint sensor, the largest fingerprint sensor in the world and 17 times larger in size than its predecessor. 3D Sonic Max sensor is the successor to last year’s 3D Sonic In-display fingerprint sensor.

The new 3D Sonic Max fingerprint offers simultaneous two-finger authentication, which means that it can handle two fingers simultaneously. Its predecessor 3D Sonic sensors, which reside under the surface of a smartphone screen, are authenticated with a single touch.

The new Sonic Max 3D fingerprint sensor offers numerous benefits, but most significant of these is improved security at the same time with two unique fingerprint authentication, increased speed and ease of use.

A larger sensor captures more information and therefore provides greater security compared to the smaller fingerprint sensors that detect only a part of your finger.

The 3D Sonic Max avoids spoofing of fingerprints and inaccurate results as it promises to produce 1::1,000,000 in contrast with its previous releases.

The new in-display fingerprint scanner Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max is suitable for both automotive and smartphone applications.

It is expected that the new Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max sensor the upcoming Samsung’s flagship device Galaxy S11 in 2020.

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