Xiaomi Mi 9 Review With Pros and Cons

The Xiaomi Mi 9 is an awesome all-round gadget. The Chinese producer demonstrated on numerous occasions throughout the most recent five years that it can completely command in such manner, and even though we’ve seen different brands endeavour to copy Xiaomi’s methodology, none has been as fruitful.

The display on the Mi 9 is in reality truly great, it’s a level display, no bends here, which gives you a huge usable space, and there’s a tear-drop indent at the top.

The Snapdragon 855 is combined with 6GB RAM and the experience is as amazing as you’d anticipate that it should be. Everything occurs with speed and this telephone has no issue handling occupied tasks decisively.

That gadget had a 3350mAh battery, and a year ago’s Mi 8 accompanied a 3400mAh unit. You get a little 3300mAh battery on the Mi 9 even though the telephone has a similar 7.6mm thickness as the Mi 8.

Here is the full specification and review of Xiaomi Mi 9.

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