Get Up To $100 From The Settlement For Yahoo’s Data Breaches

Yahoo is about to settle for $117.5 million in a class action lawsuit over a series of data breaches that impacted customers between 2012 and 2016 and you’re definitely eligible for your $100-cut or free credit monitoring if you’ve had an account during that period.

Yet, due to a class action suit against Yahoo that has reached a negotiated settlement, if you have been affected, you have to file a claim until July 20. Don’t miss out on a $100 apology chance.

Yahoo customers may already have received an email or other notice about this in September, and if you filed a claim at the time, they will have more control over you. But if you have only received a notice or follow-up last week and have not yet taken action, now is the time.

“If you can verify that you already have credit monitoring or identity protection services that you will keep for at least 12 months, you may instead make a claim for a cash payment in an amount of $100, although that amount may be less or more up to $358.80, depending on how many claims are submitted,” the mentioned in the claim form.

The compensation class theoretically involves up to 194 million individuals, but only if the vast majority of eligible people don’t apply for money would these sums be paid out in full. The settlement website allows all class members to choose between free credit monitoring services or $100 cash payment for at least two years.

To apply for cash in the Yahoo settlement, you need to check boxes that confirm you already have credit monitoring and provide the name of the company from which you receive the credit monitoring.

The deal will not finalize until an April 9 hearing. The fund was originally set at $50 million, and last April increased to $117.5 million. But just consider the Equifax scenario before you get too excited; if a ton of people go through this process and opt for cash payment, there’s nothing close to $100 that you get.

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