YouTube to Promote ‘Authoritative Content’ Coronavirus Content on Homepage

YouTube has launched a fresh initiative to stop the spread of coronavirus misinformation with a News Shelf on its homepage supporting Authoritative Content. The change is the latest by technology outlets to curtail the spreading of pandemic rumors and hoaxes, with Facebook announcing a similar step this week.

“We want everyone to have access to authoritative content during this trying time, so we’re launching a COVID-19 news shelf on our homepage in 16 countries,” the Google-owned video sharing service said in a statement on Twitter late Thursday.

YouTube joined other major US online outlets earlier this week in a joint attempt to weed out myths about the coronavirus pandemic. The step comes in the midst of an unparalleled global response to the pandemic, amid heightened concerns that the epidemic is a hoax.

Facebook on Wednesday said placing authoritative details at the top of user feeds would make a similar move. In partnership with health organizations, the Facebook information center was developed and rolled out in the US and Europe, with plans to extend it to other locations.

Today, Twitter has strengthened its security legislation to remove tweets which could place many more users at risk. Twitter’s security committee said it would definitely ban information that raises the risk of anyone catching or spreading the virus, consisting of the lack of medical assistance or the incentive to use false or ineffective therapies.

Additionally, Sudar Pichai, Google’s CEO, has already stated that the company is aggressively removing all fake news and videos from YouTube, so that viewers get credible facts.

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