YouTube Now Supports UPI Payments In India

YouTube Subscribers can now use UPI Payment methods to buy YouTube Premium or YouTube Music. People who make YouTube payments also had the option of using credit and debit cards to pay.
Now, using their UPI IDs they can easily complete the transaction from their bank accounts. The new choice allows users to pay for both YouTube Premium and YouTube Music subscriptions.
All UPI users can now use YouTube’s UPI payment plan to purchase monthly or quarterly prepaid subscriptions for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium, purchase and rent their favorite videos, and pay for apps such as SuperChat and Channel Memberships to connect and help their favorite YouTube creators.
Since UPI is gradually becoming one of India’s most popular types of digital payments, the move is likely to get even more of the country’s YouTube subscribers.
Since the nation is under lockdown many people have started to access content online. YouTube has limited streaming to 480p mobile devices in India to ensure the smooth running of the internet and the fact that users shouldn’t finish their FUP in one day.
If you’re looking to subscribe to YouTube to pick up any originals from YouTube, we’re saying hang on to your horses. The company has made some of the originals freely accessible to consumers.
YouTube is now building a stream of users uploading short videos. The feature named Shorts will challenge TikTok’s popular short-video app.
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