ZeroPhone is an open source, Linux-controlled Smartphone. It was made utilizing Raspberry Pi Zero, and specific care has been taken to pick the parts. Luckily, every one of the parts are effectively accessible on eBay and Amazon, and they will scarcely cost $50.

It is easy to use and will have the common highlights of a phone, yet will give you propelled highlights when you require them. You can adjust and repair it effortlessly, and it’s powered-user and software engineer well disposed. The gadget guarantees no carrier locks, no pre-loaded apps and good riddance of information without clients’ learning.

“ZeroPhone is an open source, Linux-powered, $50 smartphone. It has no carrier locks, bloated apps, or data mining, and it doesn’t depend on big companies — instead, its open source hardware and software give you as much control over your phone as possible.” said Zerophone creator Arsenij Pichugin.

The Zero Phone will be based around the tiny Raspberry Pi Zero, an Arduino microcontroller, and the ESP8266 WI-Fi module. It additionally incorporates mini-HDMI port and a single full-size USB 2.0 port, alongside the more typical support for WI-Fi, a 3.5mm headphone jack and comes with a 1.3-inch 128×64 pixel screen. The phone is at present 2G, however, bolster for 3G is just around the corner.

“ZeroPhone is user-friendly and will have the typical features of a phone, but will give you advanced features when you need them. You can modify and repair it easily, and it’s power-user and programmer-friendly. It’s also built from widely available components, so you can build a ZeroPhone independently if you need to.” added Zerophone creator Arsenij Pichugin.

It can even be snared to a keyboard and mouse and utilized as a PC, in spite of the fact that the Pi Zero’s maturing single-core processor isn’t fit for running heavy graphics usage.

Parts Used For Making ZeroPhone

  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • SIM800 modules
  • ESP8266-12E for WiFi
  • 2-layer PCBs
  • ATMega328P
  • LCD screen
  • Battery
  • TP4056 battery charger
  • Buttons for keypad
  • 2.54 headers

In case you’re searching for a smartphone that doesn’t collect information all day, every day, at that point the ZeroPhone might be the gadget for you.

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