Easy Steps To Zip A File In Windows And Mac?

Need to send a lot of files to somebody through email? Need to spare some space on your PC by solidifying the majority of your old files? In this article, we will give you ventures to zip a file on both Windows and Mac OS.

Zipping files pack them so they occupy less room on your hard drive, and the smaller ZIP files can all the more rapidly be imparted to other others or transferred to another by means of email or PC.

Software, makers regularly use .zip files to convey their installers and updates to clients by means of direct download. In case you’re a Mac and Windows user, you might need to realize how to utilize these files to transmit data, regardless of whether for work or individual use.

How To Zip A File In Windows?

To compress a file in Windows 10, play out the accompanying steps:

  • Open File Explorer and select the file/folder you want to zip.
  • Now Right-click and under the Send to option, choose Compressed (zipped) folder option.
  • Then you will be prompted to enter the name of zip file or folder.
  • Just enter the name and press enter to create a zip file.
  • That’s it you are done.

How To Zip A File In Mac?

To compress a file in Mac, play out the accompanying steps:

  • Open the file folder select the file or folder you want to zip.
  • Now Right-click and select the Compress file_name option.
  • Then a zip file with the same name will be created.
  • To compress multiple files, select all the files and follow the above steps.

Compressed files keep you sorted out without giving up on the quality of images, video, or other hires files you may send or saving.

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